Scottish Batman [pandyland]

Petition for this to be a film starring Frankie Boyle as Batman

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If you didn’t like The Amazing Spiderman 2 we’re no longer friends. 


Faithful Son - Patty Griffin

And those mornings came stiff with rain
I thought the sun would never shine again
With the sleeves of my old raincoat
Stained with the salt of my own tears

And I never would tell you then
So I never will tell you now
All the things that break an old man down

A Song of Fire and Ice/Game of Thrones Spoiler

It ends with me sat on the Iron Throne. Nothing else. Just me. With my ipod in listening to Taylor Swift. Holding the skull of Daenerys Targaryen. Everyone in the Seven Kingdoms is dead. I am the only one. 

You know what pisses me off more than anything? Millionaire musicians, film makers, actors etc. who bitch and whine about people illegally downloading or watching their work. Firstly, you’re already incredibly rich for doing a job millions of people would kill to do. How much more do you want?! Very few people are downloading illegal copies of some obscure indie film where the actors barely made enough to cover their expenses. Secondly, people don’t illegally download stuff for fun. They do it because they can’t afford it, you’re literally being angry at people for being too poor to afford your work (which by the way is obscenely overpriced). Finally these people would not have access to your work without things like piratebay etc. Your fans, the ones that pay to see you in concert, send you adoring fan mail or save up money just to buy your latest DVD or see your latest film in the cinema are the ones who have to illegally watch some of your work. In the end they give you more money because they were able to access that first film of yours that they saw. Be fucking grateful and grow up. 

“So if ever a man should ask you for your business or your name
Tell him to go and fuck himself, tell his friends to do the same.
Because a man who’d trade his liberty for a safe and dreamless sleep
Doesn’t deserve the both of them, and neither shall he keep.”
— Sons Of Liberty - Frank Turner (via davidporges)


Hate leads to hate. It’s pretty much simple as that.

If you ever bothered looking at world history and current events around the world, most of the conflicts happen due to mutual mistrust and prejudice against one another.

Hate leads to violence and violence leads to more hate. More hate leads to violence and it never ends.

Revolutions (I have been in one) are glorious (while it lasted) but they leave the country in turmoil or leave the people with a worse government in charge. Just look at the French Revolution. What the heck did Maximilian Robespierre accomplish by being axe-crazy and tyrannical? 

There is a way to fight hate. It’s not hate but being brave. Standing up for what is right, speak up, teach tolerance and educate people. Speak out against hate (towards any group) and dispel any stupid or irrational facts.

If the issues are divisive (things like abortion, cultural appropriation, HIMYM’s ending), then debate and understand the opponent’s points. No one is completely right. Feminism is not always correct. So are the MRAs. Blindly bashing one another doesn’t do anyone justice (ha!).

Hate manifests in all forms. It doesn’t just target a specific group of people. 

A poorly written love letter to the music of Frank Turner

These things have been circling around my head for months so I thought I’d write them down, completely for my own enjoyment and self satisfaction. Here’s why he’s probably the best musician I’ve ever listened to.

  • I’ve seen him live twice and both times be blew me away. The first time was at T in the Park and I’d only really listened to Recovery, EKMB and the big songs off LI&S and I’d never watched any of his live performances on youtube. I was excited to see him but I didn’t expect what was to follow. In my head he was going to be all quiet and shy and play quite a relaxed set so I was pretty surprised when he opened with 4 Simple Words and played with such incredible energy and enthusiasm that got the whole crowd going. Better than any artist I saw all weekend he brought such an energy to the crowd that spread through to the audience (which was amazing compared to the Fratellis, who played Chelsea Dagger which despite that being an amazing song was totally lack luster and disappointing).  He undoubtedly gave the best performance of any artist that weekend, I came away so hyped, deliriously happy and desperate to get home and play FT on repeat for the rest of my life. That is by far one of my happiest memories, watching Frank perform, in the glorious sunshine with my girlfriend of the time and two amazing people. I miss that day so so much. I saw him at the MEN and again he was brilliant even though I was sat quite far away it was still an amazing gig.
  • His love and devotion to music is incredible. I think this comes through in his music, mostly in I Still Believe and 4 Simple Words. It really makes you believe in the power of music, both to keep you going and to bring people together, you know? There are endless quotes from shows/interviews where he’s said similar stuff about music is about bringing together people who for one night and totally equal and joined in this sort of wordless fraternity. He articulates what me and other people not as smart as Frank feel about live music in particular. Also the way he’s built a career around it, is something incredibly admirable. He has a very good degree from a top uni, he very easily could have got a job in so many places and earned much more money than he certainly was at the start of his career. That’s why it’s so satisfying to see him being successful now. He must have made so many sacrifices, lived a very difficult life for a few years and all to pursue a career in something he loved which is something everyone should do.
  • He is incredibly consistent. I honestly don’t think he’s ever written a bad song. He puts out so much music and it’s all really meaningful and awesome and well written. It feels like there’s no filler on FT albums to me. Like, I could go to a show and he could play any 15 random tracks from his discography and I’d love it.
  • He actually replied to my email. I won’t post what I wrote to him, but it was written while very drunk and while sobbing in my room listening to his music feeling very alone. It was the stupidest, creepiest message I think any musician has ever received. And I woke up the next morning, check my email and he actually replied. He didn’t tell me to f*** off or just ignore me. He just said “Hey Jamie, Thanks for the kind words. Frank”. Okay that probably was an automated reply or written by some management guy. But idk man that really meant a lot to me. 
  • Personally I’ve always valued lyrics over music. Sure I can be moved by a chord progression or rhythm or whatever but lyrics are what you remember. There the things you want to get tattooed, that you sing, that you repeat to yourself or sing in your head all day. This isn’t to take anything away from Frank but I don’t think musically he’s doing anything unique or special. He’s talented but there are lots of artists who write similar music. And there are certainly artists who write better, more interesting music. I don’t even think he has the best voice in the world, his vocal range is pretty limited. But his lyrics and the way he sings them never fail to evoke an emotional response. In my opinion, he is the best lyricist to ever produce music. He is painfully honest, incredibly relatable, witty and he reflects very well both on himself, his friends, his relationships and the world around him. Every time I hear a Frank Turner I look up the lyrics and I always instantly fall in love. I read a criticism of his lyrics that they weren’t poetic enough or subtle enough. I never get angry at reviews but that time I did, because for me they totally missed the point of his music. It’s straight down the line, honest, “here let me tell you some stories and thoughts I’ve had kind of music”. Some personal favourites: “I still believe in the need for guitars and drums and desperate poetry”, “We’re definitely going to hell, but we’ll have all the best stories to tell” and “on the worst days When it feels like life weighs ten thousand tonnes, I sleep with my passport”
  •  Very personal reason: Frank Turners music can still bring me to tears nearly every freaking time. It really bothers me, as there is no other artist who can cause that kind of reaction in me. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to delete certain songs from my Frank playlist that I play while I’m driving because it’s really fucking dangerous. The romantic heartbreak in “Anymore” (play that song after a break up and try not to collapse and cry for 3 days straight) and the final verse of “Worse Things Happen at Sea” (the way he sings “this is the worse thing that’s happened to me” breaks my heart). The final verse of the live version of “Fathers day” is so hard for me to listen to. Anyone who doesn’t have a mini breakdown when he sings “Lex had gone to sleep and wasn’t waking up” is a heartless human being. 
  • He romanticises nothing! He tells the honest truth about romantic relationships, his experiences with politics, how he feels about his friends or his family. There’s no sugar coating, he just says it how it is.
  • There’s a message to a lot of his music. And a lot of it is just about making the best of life. For me that’s what the whole of Love Ire and Song is about, “why are you sat alone, you’re not designed to be alone” or “And if all you ever do with your life
    Is photosynthesize, then you’ll deserve every hour of your sleepless nights, that you waste wondering when you’re going to die”. My favourite song on this topic is “Mr Richards”. 
  • I find his music incredibly relatable. Whether’s it’s stories about relationships, stupid drunken nights out, trying to find someone, trying to be a good person, regretting most of the shit you’ve done, trying to be a better person, or just touching on that existential desire to make more of your life and to escape everything holding you back. Which leads me to my next point…
  • He wrote “I am Dissapeared”. What. A. Fucking. Song. Urgh.
  • I know I kinda criticised his music before but a lot of can be awesome. My favourite FT songs are the ones with just him playing broken chords on his guitar, I just think they’re awesome and just…raw, for want of a better word. “Hold your tongue” is a really good example of that. But I think his music can also be incredibly uplifting. If the end of the song “Love Ire and Song” doesn’t make you want to start a revolution I don’t know what will. I still dance on my own to “I Still Believe” and “Losing Days”.
  • Finally his music means a lot to me. The last 15 months have been incredibly hard. And a lot of things have pulled me through and allowed me to still be here. My mum has played a huge part as has the rest of my family. My last girlfriend did more for me than I could ever repay. My friends did a lot. Movies were very important to me, Batman has been so inspiring. I totally believe in the power of art to transform a persons life and play a huge part in it. And Frankly (har har) Frank Turner’s music has done just that. It’s been like a friend with me every day since I first listened to photosynthesis in January last year. It’s been there for me on drunken nights out when I’ve ended up alone. It’s been there for me after arguments and break ups. It’s been there for me at 3am when I’m hearing voices and wanting to throw myself out of a window, it was there. His songs kept me going when I really didn’t think I could. There is an immeasurable power in his music. They’ve been there during the happy times too, Franks music has been the background music to all my favourite memories of the past 15 months. It’s been there during work outs, and long drives and sleepless nights. And I sincerely think it’s made me a better person, it’s inspired me on so many occasions to try better to make the best of my life and try not to be such a shitty person. Overall his music just makes me want to live. I hope it’s always there. I hope I’m 90 trying to convince my great-grand kids that they need to hear “Once We Were Anarchists”. A lot of that probably sounded stupid but meant it all sincerely and I hope you appreciate just how much his music means to me.

A lot of what I just wrote was probably unreadable by most humans as well as being pretentious, cringey, stupid and probably wrong. But it was fun to write and hopefully now I can fall asleep listening to Tape Deck Heart! Thanks if you bothered to read any of it. I really don’t mind if nobody does. it was just really fun to write and think about. Plus as an unemployed guy living in the middle of nowhere with no friends in the local area, I really have nothing better to do haha! 

Things that need to change regardless of whether we sack Moyes

Whether it’s David or a new manager I think these are the changes that need to be made if we really want to challenge for the title again. Which we totally should be. For the sake of fairness I think we should sack Moyes (or ask him to resign if he wants to save face). In short because he’s taken a team that won the title by 11 points to a team lucky to be finishing 7th. A team that were unfortunate to lose to Real Madrid last season, to a team totally embarrassed by Bayern Munich. Also all his credibility of his performance at Everton has been totally undermined by Martinez’s success there this season. 

  • We need to accept that Rooney plays badly. Often. In my opinion he gives one performance for every 5 very mediocre ones. He looks totally disinterested in playing and totally comfortable in his position because he feels it’s secure. IMO we should have let him go last summer and I wouldn’t be against selling him this summer. He’s an incredibly selfish and overrated player. The manager needs to take him off when he’s playing badly, and be comfortable with not starting him in big games. 
  • Januzaj, Wellbeck and Chicharito need to be given more opportunities. Januzaj seems to be being punished by Moyes for not having saved his season when in reality he is a good player who everyone over hyped for a while and then got angry with when he didn’t single handly win United the title. He undoubtedly has the potential to become world class and we should give him that opportunity, he’s one of the most exciting prospects currently in the English league and we could always match the success Sterling has had at Liverpool. Wellbeck is my favourite United player so I’m probably biased, but I’ve never seen him give a bad performance. He doesn’t score enough goals and he isn’t world class. But played alongside someone like RVP who will score and he undoubtedly has a place in a world class side. Chicarito seems to have been reduced to a super sub and I think that’s totally wrong. He is always a danger, and as a former defender myself he is the player I’d least like to play against. All these players would be welcomed across clubs in Europe and we are in serious danger of losing them and having to spend a lot of money replacing them. 
  • It’s time to let some players go. I’m not going to explain my reasons here but I think a lot of them are self explanatory. Rio has to go, looks completely out of place in a fast paced game. Evra has to go for the exact same reasons and in my opinion they both let us down in the 2nd leg against BM. Rafeal can stay but only if he’s aware that he is second choice to a new more experienced right back. He is a talented player but he lets you down time and time again and gets shown up by any half decent winger.  I’d give Phil Jones another season to develop as a player and show he’s more than just a strong tackler and good header and if he doesn’t improve we should let him go. Nani should have been sold 2 seasons ago. Lets cut our losses and let Fellaini go, I’ve never understood keeping players just because you paid a lot of money for them. Giggs has to retire, he’s a risk at damaging his reputation as a United legend. Ashley Young plays well one game out of thirty and I will not be sad in the slightest to see him go. Macheda can go. Similar to Jones I’d give Cleverely another season, he’s a good player but I’ve never seen him change or influence a game. I’d keep Evans but again under the same conditions as Rafael, he’s not a player you want if you’re challenging for the league. Obviously Bebe can go.
  • Given that we’re selling our entire defence we probably need to buy a few new players. Top of the list is a new experienced right back, replacements for Vidic and Ferdinand and a cover for Buttner. Kurt Zouma would be top of my list. In a dream world I’d sign Sergio Ramos and Daniel Pique but I can’t think of a single resign why they’d sign for us. I think Corluka could be a viable option and a player I’d love to see at United and probably more realistic than Ramos. We need to sign two new world class wingers, to give us 4 Januzaj, Valencia and the other two (I’ll address Kagawa later). Everyone will have their own opinion on who we should sign/who would actually join us. We need at least one world class central midfielder, probably two to replace Fellaini, Cleverely and Giggs. We need a Toure or a Gerrard, someone that when we’re losing 2-1 with 5 minutes left is going to get the players up with an important tackle or a great run. There are no leaders on the United pitch once Vidic goes. Rooney shows 0 leadership capabilities other than being a whiney bitch. I’m resigned to losing one of our strikers so a like for like replacement will do me. Unless RVP leaves in which case I give up. Ultimately we need a big marque signing with a few quality, proven players to back them up. This squad needs rebuilding and it has done for a few seasons.
  • As much as I feel we need to sign new players, we need to give the youth a chance. Let’s build a team that’s going to last a few years, that will have energy and learn to play together. Buttner should be our new RB, I’ve been very impressed with him so far and see no reason why not to give him that chance. IMO he controlled Robben (one of the best attackers in the world right now) in that first CL leg. Micheal Keane should be given a chance. Bring Zaha back off loan and play him in the Carling cup, FA Cup and home games against bottom half clubs. He so much potential. Chris Smalling should start all games at Centre Back, in no world is he a right. And if we keep Jones we need to stop playing him at right back, his positional play is nowhere near good enough. Like I said Januzaj and Wellbeck should be given prominent positions in our attack. 
  • Play the players in the right positions/play the players that are proven. Kagawa got a bit of criticism last season and today which I feel on both occasions was unfounded (I can’t be bothered to explain why) as I think he is by far one of our best players. He can actually keep hold of the ball and influence play. He is wasted on the left IMO, put him in the centre and let him control the game. Valencia should be playing on the right wing. Give him the confidence to run at players and he is a nightmare, he’s strong, quick and intelligent. He also rarely puts in a bad cross. In an ideal world I’d go for a 4-4-1-1 with Januzaj and Valencia on the wings, Kagawa/Mata/Wellbeck/Rooney playing behind RVP/Rooney/Hernandez (obviously not Rooney playing behind Rooney). Carrick alongside our new captain. Sergio Ramos at right back (let me dream!!), Buttner at LB, Smalling alongside Zouma in the middle and obviously De Gea in goal. Then on the bench you have players that can change the game, whether it be the new wingers, Kagawa/Mata/Rooney/Wellbeck whoever isn’t picked or Hernandez changed for RVP. Let’s play to our strengths, OT is a very large pitch which we can exploit with dangerous wingers and overlapping FBs and strikers playing on the last man. 
  • Politely ask Fergie to stop attending matches and leave his position on the board. How anyone can hope to achieve something with the most successful manager in British football sitting over your shoulder I have no idea. And Moyes isn’t strong or confident enough to override Fergie. We’ll never be able to repay Alex for what he did for this club and he’s a complete hero of mine. But let him go enjoy his retirement or take a job somewhere else. It’s like dating someone and finding out their ex-partner was Jennifer Lawrence or Christian Bale who you now have to live with. You’d constantly feel inadequate and under pressure. 

This is all just my opinion so I’m more than willing to engage in debate or hear why I’m wrong as long as you don’t just tell me I’m a fucking idiot! Life long United fan who was a season ticket holder for 4 years who is sincerely worried about the direction his club is going in.